Upcycling service - turning your precious garments into something new

I can take your treasured garments and turn them into something new ❤️ 

An example below is a recent upcycle I created for a customer.

This started out as a Duns of Sweden ‘Mother Earth’ twirly dress 

Upcycled zip pixie hoodie using Duns of Sweden twirly dress by Sunbow kids Open version of upcycled Duns of Sweden zip hoodie pixie hood Sunbow kids uk

I lovingly took it apart and turned it into a pixie style zip hoodie, fully lined in GOTS organic red french terry fabric with contrasting yellow ribbing.  

Another example is this hooded vest, I was sent half a Duns of Sweden dress to transform 

Upcycled duns of Sweden dog dress into a sleeveless hoodie by Sunbow kids handmade clothing uk
Hooded top sewn by Sunbow kids uk using duns of Sweden dress fabric

As you can see I had the perfect colour matching ribbing for this project, I have a very large selection of colours to compliment many different fabrics. 

I mainly work with stretch fabrics but can work with woven if asked, please email me at sunbowkids@mail.com to discuss further.